About us - Moments by H&N

H&N met in a land far far away called London.

H had N at "Nikon" and since then they have shared their passion for photography, and that's where our story began...

We have travelled the world together and have gotten up to capture beautiful sunrises in the most exotic locations (one being on top of a volcano) and captured the beautiful smiles of the citizens of the world. 

N is the face you will see at your shoots, she is the creative force in this dynamic duo.

H is the strategic and financial arm and drives the growth and direction of our little business. 

Little N is the reason we do what we do, he is also our biggest cheerleader.

We are based in Five Dock and love to explore all the hidden gems around Sydney to bring you timeless, unique photos.

Trust us with your story and we will give you beautiful photographs for you to enjoy for a lifetime.